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Frequently asked questions

Do you accept last minute bookings?

Unless we are fully booked we will always try to accomodate last minute bookings. Just give us a ring or send an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

How do I make a booking?

Give us a ring/text or send us an email and we will arrange a free consultation with you where we can meet you and your pets and go through all the details of your booking. If you are happy to go ahead, payment will usually be due at consultation and keys will be handed over.  

How many visits do you reccomend?

We recommend a minimum of one visit a day for all pets, as they can get ill if they don’t eat or drink for 24 hours. For younger cats under one, very playful cats and cats who demand lots of attention we recommend two visits a day to ensure they get they don’t get too agitated or lonely. We also recommend two visits a day for older cats as they are more prone to health problems and depression when left by owners. We reccomend the same for dogs. Of course it is up to you how many times you want us to visit your pets but we stipulate a minimum of one visit per day for the safety and benefit of the pets.

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Are you insured?

Yes, we are fully insured with Cliverton. We have Public Liability Insurance, Care Custody and Control of animals and Key Cover to cover any loss of keys for your peace of mind.

Can you administer medication?

We can administer oral medication to your pet whilst you are away. Please ask about other medications. Please ensure that you leave enough medicine for the entire duration of your holiday and leave the vets instructions with the medication.

How will you gain access to my property?

We will require a spare set of keys from you and a fob if you have an electric gate. We can then either post them through your door after the last visit, keep them safe for other visits or return them to you for a small charge. All keys will be secured safely in my safe at home.

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Who looks after my pets?

We are a family business. I will be looking after your pets primarily and will ensure they are cared for, safe and happy at all times. However, sometimes my partner (Oliver) and my mum and dad (Chris & Alan) may also attend home visits and dog walks with me or when I am unable to so I always have back up should I need it. Oliver, Chris and Alan are all covered under my insurance policy. You may ask to meet them if you would like, however I will be the primary carer for your pets.

What is the free consultation and what will happen?

I will visit your home and your pet(s) to meet you and see if my service is right for you. I will ask about your pets for example where you keep their food and how much they have and any things they like and dislike.

I will also find out about any specific details regarding the security of your home, such as locking up, alarm codes and other necessities.

I will also ask you to fill out some forms so I can gather important information such as contact details for your and your vet.

I shall ask you to kindly read and sign my service agreement form to confirm that you agree to allow me to enter your home and care for your pet(s).

Finally, I shall ask for a set of keys to your house.

Payment is normally taken at time of consultation too.

What if there was an emergency and you had to take my pet to the vets?

In the event of an emergency I would obviously make contact with yourself or the emergency contact you have provided me with and if necessary liaise with your vet. If I have to take your pet to the vet as an emergency I will do so and there is a fee of £10 plus 45p per mile for this service. I shall take your pet to the vet, stay with your pet to keep calm and comfortable and if allowed to bring home I will settle your pet back at home before I leave.

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