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Services include:

Home Visits

Pet sitting

Pet Taxi

Dog Walking 


Home Visits- Home visits are beneficial for elderley dogs or puppies in particular who may need letting out or need medication in the day time. Cats may also benefit from home visits to feed them and change litter tray when owners are away on holiday. A single home visit usually lasts up to 30 minutes.  


Pet sitting- This is for people who may be out for a few hours in the day time or evening and may need me to come into their house and stay with their pet for a few hours to give him company and perhaps feed him and play with him and take him for a walk. Pet sitting is particularly useful for puppies and dogs that hate being left on their own and may suffer from separation anxiety. They will benefit as they will have me to give them one on one attention and play with them and make sure they are cared for and not distressed. Pet Sitting is a similar service to babysitting.


Pet Taxi- I can transport your pet/pets to veterinary, grooming appointments or kennels on behalf of owners when they are busy or are away and unable to take them themselves.

Dog Walking - Dog walking is provided for 30, 45 or 60 minutes depending on your requirements and my availability. Additional dogs from the same family will get a 50% discount. I usually walk no more than two dogs at a time. If your dog is reactive then I will do a solo walk.

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